Routers and modems work well when their temperature is below 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, Firewall rules push the router CPU to generate heat which is bad and affects the performance of a router by slowing down network connection and reducing signals.

To ensure that these routers last long and work well, some people place them in locations where the temperature can rise quickly.

Keep telecom equipment coolHere are tips to help keep your modems and routers cool.

  • Do not put them directly under the sunlight.
  • Always set your router on a flat surface, do not put them on a surface that doesn’t allow heat to escape.
  • Consider buying a new modem or router if you have old ones which are more susceptible to heat problems when there are lots of usages.
  • Buy a cheap netbook size cooling mat for your routers, kits like this usually include a small USB fan which is handy.
  • This may sound weird, but do not allow your pet to use your routers as a sleeping mat (all of the cat lovers out there understand this); this may cause an electrical fault.
  • Remember that most broadband connections do not respond well when you switch off and on often.
  • Ensure that you disable non-critical routers services when not in use. Many routers allow you to disable some services like connection logs or Wifi and doing this can keep your device running smoothly especially during hot weather.
  • Keep your routers in the coolest room which is usually the lowest point in the room or office with thick walls.


Finally, keeping your routers cool at all time is very important if you want to enhance the performance.

Apart from the points listed above, the best permanent solution to keeping your routers cool is by placing a small laptop cooling pad underneath.


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