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Power Supply Modules - Electric

What is the Purpose of a Power Supply Module?

What is the purpose of a Power Supply Module? Power supply module is an essential and necessary component of the control system; it is used to regulate and supply voltage for various components.  Usually, the outlet voltage from the wall socket is high-and unusable by the computer because the computer

Telecom tower outside with a sky background

What are the Types of Telecommunication Towers

What are telecom towers? Telecommunication towers combine different structures to ease the communication between areas. When you see mobile networking, wireless communication, television antennas, and radio broadcasting, they all intersect at the telecom towers. By definition, telecommunication towers are a set of the electronic signal processing unit and mechanical structures

Benefits of Microwave Radio Communication

What are the benefits and drawbacks of microwave radio-communication?

Fact is, Microwave Radio Technology is alive and kickin! We actually repair a lot of Microwave Equipment too. Quick facts: You will find microwave radio signals between 500 MHz to 300 GHz — they are good representations of high frequency and short wavelengths of electromagnetic waves. In terrestrial communication, about

What Is the Future Of the Telecom Industry?

Due to technology breakthroughs, telecommunication is a victim of drastic changes coupled with the fact that it belongs in one of the fast-paced industries. As more opportunities arise, the end of 2020 promises to be a period of vast opportunities and new challenges for the industry giant. A GSMA report

PBX Solutions

2019 Top Solutions to Improve Your Hosted PBX Performance

2019 is just around the corner! Social media platforms are one of the methods of linking a customer with a particular company or business. Regardless of the mélange of options, none can replace the role of customer service representative at the respective companies. The reason is that it is common