Myths Of Buying and Selling Used Telecom Equipment

Reservations about buying and selling used telecom equipment run a wide range of common concerns. Luckily, many of the concerns people have are common misconceptions and procuring and selling used equipment is quite advantageous on both ends. Check out some of the common fallacies surrounding used telecom equipment. Myth #1: It’s too old, no one will want it.…read more

Is Your Business’ LAN Ready for the Future?

If you’ve ever done a tricky do it yourself project at home, there’s eventually going to come the urge to just chuck it all out and start it from scratch. However, when it comes to a corporate network, it’s much harder to explain why large parts of the current infrastructure has to be upended to make…read more

The Introduction of a Smart Data Center

As the demands of traditional data centers increase so does the need to revamp our approach to systems architecture. Smart data centers are no longer IT focused but rather focus on the needs of the business. Breaking down operational silos and enabling the data center for agility, availability and scalability support the business in a much more…read more