If you plugin too many appliances, and the light suddenly shuts off. What you have created is an Electric circuit overload. Electric circuits are made of wiring, breaker, and devices such as light fixture, and they are built to handle a particular amount of electricity. An electric circuit overload occurs when you draw more electricity…read more

How to Host Web Apps on LAN for Small Businesses

LAN Servers for Small Business

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO HOST WEB APPS ON LAN FOR SMALL BUSINESS? For small business owners, acquiring a server is a big decision. Servers make it possible and easy for employees to share data and collaborate because they operate as a central point where all documents, images, contacts and important files are kept.…read more

Tips to Keep Your Modems & Routers Cool

How to keep router and modem cool

Routers and modems work well when their temperature is below 90 degrees Fahrenheit. However, Firewall rules push the router CPU to generate heat which is bad and affects the performance of a router by slowing down network connection and reducing signals. To ensure that these routers last long and work well, some people place them…read more