Big Energy Field Services

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SingleSource Communications is a Top Rated E-Commerce® telecommunications equipment supplier, and we offer our high-quality communications services to individuals nationwide. With more than 200,000 telecommunications product parts and more than 20,000 line items in stock, we are sure we can connect with you with a leading brand product you’ll be more than satisfied with.

On top of that, this isn’t our first rodeo working with big energy field communications equipment. We’ve worked with several oil and gas clients in the past, and we understand the important and risky nature of the job. That’s why it’s our goal to help as much as we can for our big energy clients.

Oil and Gas Equipment Solutions

Our goal is to serve several different industries that require telecommunications equipment, including the oil and gas industry. We know big energy field equipment needs to be reliable, sturdy and effective for the safety of all industrial employees. Oil and gas fields can often be loud, isolated work environments, and the job typically involves working with highly flammable substances. This is when reliable communication is most important.

Luckily, we make it as easy as possible for our big energy clients. We handle the assembly and take down of communications equipment necessary for oil rigs and other big energy fields across the country. Our wireless equipment networks will exceedingly provide broadband speeds and support a foundation to handle multiple uses, so you never have to worry about our systems failing on you and your employees — whether your employees are fixed or mobile.

Equipment We Provide

At SingleSource Communications, our equipment is designed to withstand almost any situation, which could range from inclement weather like hail and dust storms to potential minor damages to the physical infrastructure. Our goal is to ensure your plant site maintains productivity at all times while also keeping safety in mind.

Some of the equipment we have the ability to provide can fall into the following service categories:

  • Security and surveillance: Equipment for hosted or on-premise security measures as well as network-based protection.
  • Voice: Equipment like phones and the like for any mobile workers on site to maintain effective communication.
  • Drill rig communications and diagnostics: Equipment that can help measure any temperatures and pressures, as well as equipment that can run diagnostics and relay any results
  • Network communications: Equipment that can provide private line services, internet, wide area networking and more.
  • And more!

For more specific information on the types of telecommunications equipment we can offer on-site for your big energy company, please reach out to our team today.

Why SingleSource for Big Energy?

SingleSource Communications is known nationwide for our large selection of telecommunications services and our stellar customer service. Our experienced sales team strive to be fast and flexible, and we’ll always search for a solution that is cost-effective for you and your company.

Our goal is to always outperform our customers and to be your reliable, go-to source for telecommunications equipment and services. Contact us today for more information by filling out our online form or by calling (402) 721-2729. We look forward to hearing from you!