There are two sides to every coin. In this case, the sides are Adtran and Cisco.

Adtran Products

Everyone has a preference, but which one is really better?

There are some major differences between the two that need to be taken into account when choosing the best option for your company. Features and prices are huge factors in these brands’ equipment that your IT management needs to learn about and research before making any big purchases.


So which equipment is better?Cisco Products

Frankly, there will never be a unanimous consensus stating that one is better than the other.

That’s where your research comes in.



Prices & Warranties

While both Adtran and Cisco are great brands that are recognized as industry leaders, there are huge differences in what kinds of businesses they market to.

When it comes to financials, smaller businesses are typically more conscious about how much money they’re spending and where it’s going. Thus, Adtran has a much larger following within the small to medium size business range since their equipment is cheaper but still has the essential technology that the businesses need.

Cisco, on the other hand, caters more to larger businesses with money to spend wherever needed and rarely take the time to reevaluate where their money is going.

The fact is, smaller companies just don’t have the money to spend on Cisco equipment. This to say, not all large companies need or prefer Cisco over Adtran.

On top of competitive prices, Adtran furthers its credibility by offering great warranty packages with up to 10 years of coverage. This should also be a huge factor in deciding on which service is best for you and Adtran is one step ahead.

Configuration Difficulty

Like any other networking equipment, Adtran and Cisco both come with instructions on how to properly set up, use, and understand the software.

It has been said that Adtran’s software is much easier to learn and was made with the user in mind making it a better option for less tech-savvy people.

Cisco equipment, however, is easier to set up and configure though it does take more tech knowledge to understand how to actually use it. But if you are wondering how to increase bandwidth  of Cisco routers, you can learn more about it here.

Customer Service

Since Adtran caters more to small businesses, they are naturally more inclined to work with you to make sure your business is utilizing their equipment to the max.

Cisco is used more often in larger businesses with more IT professionals on their staff and are thus less willing to have a high standard when it comes to customer service. Adtran gives an overall better customer/user experience with a knowledgeable service base to answer your inquiries.

At the end of the day, you need to do your own research and figure out which company would best fit the needs of your business.

Brand names don’t always mean they’re the best option for you – sometimes you have to think outside the box.



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