About Our Telecommunications Equipment Company

At SingleSource Communications, our mission is to provide quality telecom products and services to our customers. We listen to our customers and make every effort to meet their needs through a well-stocked inventory, trained technical staff, and experienced sales team. We will deliver fast, flexible, and cost-effective solutions to build long-term relationships with our customers.

We are your single source equipment provider and repair center for all of your microwave radio, central office, power, relay racks, data and enclosure telecom equipment.

A few examples of the telecommunications equipment we provide and microwave radio we can repair for you include a few of the following products:

  • Proxim Lynx 67806, 67807 TSUNAMI GX 200 RFU, Low RF Unit, 301-58016-51L0 or 301-52000-L, GX90 or GX200, TSUNAMI GX 200 RFU, Hi RF Unit, 301-58010-51H0 or 301-52016-H GX90 or GX200
  • Alcatel or Alcatel-Lucent MPR9500, MDR8000, MDR7000, MDR6000, MDR5000 and MDR4000, 1603, ASAM1000, ASAM7300.
  • Harris Farinon or Aviat Microstar, Megastar, DVM6, Constellation, and Truepoint Radio.
  • Telco Systems DCB24, Edgelink 100, Edgelink 300, 828A, Metrobility, Access 60, EtherEdge, EtherReach 2000, EXMII, MM840, Delta Class.
  • CAC 930-0073, 930-0107 Widebank 28 Multiplexers, Adit 600, Access Navigator, Axxius 800.
  • Exalt EX-5i-16 5.8ghz, EX-5i-DS3 5.8ghz, Ex-2-4i-16, Lite, EX-11i-DS3-GigE.
  • Adtran Tracer, MX2800, Opti-6100, Opti-3, All of the Total Access, TA 1000, TA 1100, TA 1148, TA 1200, TA 1500, TA 3000, TA 5000
  • And so much more!

Ask us about our Advanced Repair Program! We guarantee that you will get great, tested products before you have the time to send in your defective telecommunications equipment.

We have more than 19,000 line items and more than 200,000 parts in stock — getting more and more in every day.

Let our team know if there is anything we can do for you by contacting us through our online form. Also, make sure to check out all the benefits of our repair services!