For most people, the Cloud is a mystery, but is also one of the fastest growing technologies today. For companies, it’s changing business in a dramatic way. The advanced features and increased flexibility mean it’s much easier to learn and use – taking away the extra cost of keeping experts on hand. But that’s not the only way it’s impacting our world.

Lower Cost

Cloud communication allows you to have the most advanced technology for a much lower price than the traditional methods of communication. You don’t need any extra equipment or bulky systems that take up a bunch of office space.

Using Cloud Has BenefitsLess Support

When it comes to new technology, most people have an extremely hard time trying to navigate it themselves – that’s where our IT experts come in. With cloud communication, you can ultimately reduce your need for IT support for communication problems. The simplicity of the system allows you to manage it right from your own computer.

Price Differences

If your company requires a call center environment, you’re obviously going to need a way of communication. A traditional system could cost you over $100,000 whereas a call center based on the cloud is charged by a rate over time. You could save even up to $100,000 just by switching to a cloud based call center!

Business as Usual

Traditionally, when anything happens to your office building whether it be a power outage or a natural disaster you’d have to cease business until the situation was fixed. With cloud communication, business will be able to go on as usual since your employees are able to take calls from anywhere. Call forwarding is so easy with cloud technology – it turns a major situation to something easily taken care of.

Cloud Telecom Benefits

Cloud Flexibility

Cloud communications has also been helping companies through it’s flexibility. There is no more need to restrict the number of employees you can have on the call system or stress about having to scale up or down when needed. No more hard decisions about extra cost versus expanding – the cloud takes every obstacle out of your path.

Advanced Features

The features of cloud based communications are highly advanced, but still so easy to use and understand. The list of things you can have automated for you is never ending – it makes your job so much easier. Anything you need done can be done wherever you are… there’s no need to even be in the office anymore!

Easy Upgrades

The cloud, unlike older technology that requires boxes and manual upgrades, is fully upgraded through remote software adjustments. You don’t have to do anything for the upgrade – just wait for the new updates to come through and utilize the new capabilities in every way you can. This way, you don’t have to worry about being out of date or behind the curve… everything is done for you!

No Base

Cloud communications can give you access to whatever you need wherever you need it. There is no need to stay in one place and stagnate your business – travel, explore new opportunities, and network with no trouble or restrictions. Wherever you are, business can proceed as needed, when needed – it takes away all excuses.

Video Calls

As video conferences are becoming more and more popular, you need to keep your company up to date. With cloud communication, video calling is so easy as pie. Whether for business or personal use, video calls allow you to make a much more compelling case in debates or propositions because you are able to utilize hand and body gestures along with eye contact. The quality of communication is raised to new heights.

Cloud based communication is quickly becoming more prevalent in today’s businesses and for good reasons. Between saving you money and time and increasing your level of productivity, there is a myriad of compelling arguments for the cloud. Keeping up with new technology is one of the best ways to advance your company with the times – don’t get left behind! is a leader in repairs, used and refurbished telecom equipment including network, microwave and data equipment. Get in touch with a team specialist today.