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As anyone would tell you, whether your company is new or ages old, you need to keep total costs as low as possible. There are various ways to do this – one proven strategy is by buying used network equipment that works just as good as the new, expensive equipment.

So, if your job is based around purchasing new equipment… look at these reasons why used equipment is a great alternative for your company.


  1. It’s Cheaper.

This one is a no-brainer. Anything that you buy used as opposed to right off the factory belt is going to be cheaper because you don’t have to pay for all the extra costs like labor and production. This is especially true for large purchases or huge machinery – the less money you have to spend, the better.

  1. You can get it faster.

New equipment can be a pain to buy. Why? Because most sellers aren’t going to keep it all in stock – or at least not much. This causes a huge rift in delivery time since they have to drop ship it from somewhere that does have it in stock. Used equipment is already there – all that needs to be done is actually shipping it.

  1. You have longer availability.

Extending the life of your current equipment is also a good way to keep your cost down. Keeping some extra parts on hand would also be helpful as it would speed up the repair process whenever something goes wrong. Being prepared for issues with your current equipment will prevent you from having to scramble to buy a new model or a hard to find part to get it working again.

  1. You’ll help the environment.

Large machinery and electronics that use pollutants will pollute different aspects of the environment through time. When new products are made, lots of natural resources are consumed as well.

The companies that make it possible to put old equipment back to work play a vital role in keeping our world clean. Buying refurbished equipment from these companies includes you in benefitting our environment.

  1. You’ll get a full warranty.

Most of the time when buying refurbished equipment, you’ll receive a full warranty for the item or items you purchased. Refurbished equipment is especially good if you can find it because technicians have already gone through and replaced anything that needed repair. The warranty along with the inspection and reparation takes away the risk you take by purchasing used equipment over new equipment.


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Buying used equipment is beneficial for your company and the environment. Next time you find yourself needing more equipment, give it a try. is a leader in repairs, used and refurbished telecom equipment including network, microwave and data equipment. Get in touch with a team specialist today.