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Social media platforms are one of the methods of linking a customer with a particular company or business. Regardless of the mélange of options, none can replace the role of customer service representative at the respective companies.

The reason is that it is common practice for customers to call the hotline of the company they have a problem with.

In a bid to improve customer experience, Cloud PBX is the possible option for many companies because of the plethora of features such as a cloud-based phone system.

Some of the upcoming technologies that boost the performance of hosted PBX of the business are:

Voice Quality: When there is a conversation between a customer and the company representative, one of the parameters to measure is the voice clarity of the call.

There is a likelihood for a better experience when the voice clarity is of top quality.Voice Quality Solutions PBX  Most of these phones have HD voice quality which is the reason for a pleasant telephone experience between both parties. Basically, no company would be happy about poor voice quality.

The most important feature that contributes to the clarity of phones is the G.722 codec technology, and the speech quality is yet unmatched.


Call Management: It is high time companies put a stop to the ordeals many customers have to face before connecting to the right department. While it can be annoying to the customer, it doesn’t help the customer base of the company either.

If a company doesn’t present itself as capable enough to tackle customer problems, there are only a few customers who will stand for such an attitude. Cloud-based phone systems are the perfect solution to this hiccup. Call Management Solutions PBX

When the administrator sets up certain groups, there is a better chance for some calls to be diverted to the respective departments.

With an auto attendant on standby, the proper management of calls will not be a hassle.

The customer can also leave relevant messages with their contact number in cases where there is a long waiting time. By so doing, the company representative can minimize queues and answer calls with more focus.

Cloud: During the workday, employees should be available to receive calls except for customer service desks.

An example is the sales department where there must always be a representative to process clients’ requests at all times.

It is at this point that the power of the cloud becomes of utmost importance. We have discussed in the past the top ways that cloud services will help your business.

Cloud Solutions with PBX

What the sales representative has to do is to upload the phone system on the cloud with his extension number attached. In this case, he can receive calls on his cell phone as well. While this process facilitates better and faster handling of calls, it also boosts the success.

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